A single father with three children in southern Maine says he knows how it feels to be passed by at Christmas.

And the children are growing up too fast to let that happen again, he wrote in a letter to the Press Herald Toy Fund.

“Work is slowing down. … We’re barely making ends meet now and are unsure how Christmas will happen,” he wrote. “Any help you can give is deeply appreciated.

“This year, especially, Christmas needs to come. Last year, we lost our apartment and had to live with relatives. I couldn’t find work immediately and programs (that might have helped) had closed, so it wasn’t a memorable one. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen” again this year.

“Thank you and Merry Christmas.”


From George Bailey & ZuZu – It is a wonderful life  $100
In honor of our grandchildren: Emmerson & Elijah – John & Joan  $50
In memory of Uncle David and Grammy. Merry Christmas! Everest & MacKenzie Freeman  $50
Cornerstone Chapter OES Past Matrons Association  $15
In memory of our daughter, Susan J. Stevens, we love you and miss you so much – Dad, Mom, Rick, Eric & Tim  $100
In loving memory of Paul Sieg. From Melissa Sieg  $20
Kenneth & Kathlyn Moran  $100
Michael Hollyday & Susan Oconnor  $30
In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sawtelle, and Mr. & Mrs. Danielle Bellino, Dave & Cathy $50
In loving memory of Rev. & Mrs. Robert Haldane Sr., and our beloved Bentley. Dave & Cathy $50
In loving memory of Joyce Chadwick, Arlene & Ben Thompson, Martin Arnold & Debbie Gilmore  $60
Bruce & Lorraine Hirdler  $100
Lori & William Cook  $50
Susan & Paul Ryder  $100
In loving memory of Bill & Barbara Coswell  $25
Merry Christmas! Pat & Patti DeFilipp  $100
In memory of Grampa Hawkes  $25
In memory of Krista E. Wing, who loved Christmas. Love, Dad  $50
In loving memory of my father, George Smith, from your daughter, Theresa  $25
Charles & Suzanne Hedrick  $35
In memory of Kelly, Gilda and Nicholas Lewis from the Lewis family  $30
In memory of John C. Allen Jr.
Merry Christmas! Bob & Sue Turkington  $50
In memory of Judith York. Lovingly, Donna  $100
In memory of L Philip Bernier from Susan Penna Bernier  $100
In honor of Jeanne Mayberry, a Christmas Angel  $100
In memory of Billy Bragdon, Bill & Toni McDonough, and Harold & Victoria Bragdon, Love Carol M. Bragdon  $75
In loving memory of Brendan Conway, from Mom & Dad  $150
In memory of Alan Goddard and Beulah Green, with love  $25
In memory of Ken & Liz Cleaves and Lane Fraser. All of them had the true Christmas spirit  $50
In memory of Ted Brissette and his loyal companion Ollie. From Evelyn Brissette & family  $75
Merry Christmas & God bless you!  $100
In memory of Matthew Beriau  $100
Anonymous  $250
Robin Ratcliffe & Larry Pixley  $150
Anonymous  $50
Teresa & Don Holden  $50
Anonymous  $60
Anonymous  $25
In loving memory of Janice Regan, who always made Christmas extra special  $50
In loving memory of Helen & Vernon Gibson. Your love, kindness and generosity will always be remembered   $50
Anonymous $50
Anonymous  $75
In loving memory of our parents, William & Mary Redmond  $50
Hugh & Mary Smith  $100
Year to date  $82,755.50

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