The University of New England Board of Trustees elected the following new officers.

Dan McCormack

Dan McCormack, chief executive officer at Intermed of Portland, was named board chair.






Regen Gallagher

Regen Gallagher, D.O., chief medical officer at Cary Medical Center in Caribou, was named vice-chair. Gallagher is a 1995 graduate of the UNE College of Arts and Sciences and a 1999 graduate of UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine.




Diane Field

Diane Field, former senior vice president at Androscoggin Bank and a graduate of Westbrook College in 1981 and 1985, was named treasurer.





David Barber

David Barber, former president & chief executive officer of Barber Foods, was named secretary.




The UNE Board of Trustees also welcomed the following new trustees this year:
Louise Bowditch is a lawyer, educator and activist.
Mark Malone is vice president, principal, and broker at Malone Commercial Brokers in Portland.
Fran Girard works for AMG Holdings.
Ralph de Chabert is senior vice president and chief diversity inclusion and global community relations officer for Brown-Forman Corp.
Mark Haley is former vice president and general counsel of BAE Systems Inc.
Kinna Thakarar, D.O., is an infectious disease specialist at Maine Medical Partners.
Mason “Skip” Irving III, is an adviser at Red Sky Partners in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Julie Mostov is dean and professor of Liberal Studies at New York University.
Cheri Walker is the managing principal of Albin, Randall & Bennett in Portland.
Brenda Garrand is principal and founder of Garrand Moehlenkamp and honorary consul of Canada in Maine.
Gregg C. Lund, D.O. is a retired neonatologist, medical informatician and medical educator.
Ashely Idusuyi is a student trustee from the UNE College of Pharmacy.
Dan Auger is a student trustee from the UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine and a 2017 graduate of the UNE College of Arts and Sciences.

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