Politicians have a vested interest in remaining on the good side of the public. Staying on the good side of the planet, however, seems to present a greater challenge. This is especially true for Sen. Susan Collins. Collins’ website offers an impressive list of unwavering environmental undertakings. But I see Collins more as an imposter. Strong history of cozying up to big fossil fuel ogres, supporting artic drilling, receiving campaign donations from oil and gas corporations, confirming a climate change denier as our nation’s top energy regulator. Sounds like double-dealing to me infused with a flip-flopping beat that seems so Susan Collins of late. Could this be why The League of Conservation Voters denied Collins their endorsement for 2020?

I not only want fresher air not in my environment, but in the political arena. Sara Gideon will to be my pro-green candidate for 2020. Her record looks promising, not stained with incongruity and deception – two ingredients our planet and I won’t tolerate anymore.

Susan Spector,


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