Small businesses bring character, community and life to our city and our state – something unique in an economy increasingly dominated by chains and large online corporations. Every morning when we key into our storefronts, small business owners like myself are greeted with the opportunity of another day where we add value to our neighborhoods, check in with our regulars and maybe make someone’s day better while we do it. We create jobs, we pay our fair share in taxes and we’re usually the first ones to shovel sidewalks after a storm.

We depend on our elected representatives at home and in Washington to stand up for small businesses and make sure we have a fair shot against our corporate competitors. But two years ago this week, Maine Sen. Susan Collins voted for the GOP tax bill and sided with big corporate special interests, instead of the Maine small businesses she claims to represent. Partisanship aside, that hurts.

Collins has claimed that the tax bill would benefit Mainers, but I see little evidence of that so far. In fact, the tax bill that she voted for has only made it more difficult for small businesses like mine to succeed.

Fortunately, we have a strong and well prepared candidate running to replace her. I’ve gotten to meet and speak with Sara Gideon, and honestly, she is one of the most authentic politicians out there. As a millennial business owner in the oldest state in the country, I see Sara as a beacon for what our future can be. She understands the challenges that we face here in Maine, and her record speaks for itself. I believe Sara knows what Maine small businesses truly need, and I’m confident she’ll fight for us in the U.S. Senate.

Andrew Zarro
Owner, Little Woodfords