Re: “Letter to the editor: Trust PortTix, not resellers, for tickets to Merrill events” (Dec. 14):

This is in response to the letter from Christine Palmer, who accidentally bought overpriced tickets on a ticket-reselling scalper website. We here at the PortTix Box Office were very glad we could assist her, and thank her for spreading the word. We want to make sure other customers know how to avoid paying too much for tickets sold on ticket reseller sites.

• When shopping for tickets online, take time before clicking on any links that appear on Google searches. Be very cautious of any sites that are buying ads on Google, that have the words “resale” or “reseller” in their description or that have an out-of-state phone number.

• If you still aren’t certain, make sure to call the box office. PortTix, or any legitimate box office, will be happy to confirm our location, hours of operation, etc., by phone.

• Please know that legitimate box offices are working hard to educate the public and combat scalpers. If you find you’ve accidentally purchased scalped tickets, you can still contact us and we’ll always do our best to answer questions.

• Scalpers have a huge industry and lots of money to spend on deceptive ad campaigns. We are truly grateful to all the folks who are helping us get the word out – including our wonderful customers, event promoters, arts organizations and staff at Merrill Auditorium and other Maine venues.

R.J. McComish

director, PortTix Box Office, Merrill Auditorium


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