Jason Stults was a teenager on Munjoy Hill in the 1990s, the oldest of four children in a family that celebrated a big traditional Christmas.

And on at least one of those Christmases, his parents needed some help to put presents under the tree.

“When we were kids, we got help from the (Press Herald) Toy Fund,” he said.

His family is one of many thousands helped by the fund during its 70-year history, although Stults is one of the relatively few children who were helped by the fund and later found out about it.

He doesn’t remember how he first learned about the fund helping his family and doesn’t know if his younger siblings have a clue to this day. He also doesn’t remember the specific toys he unwrapped that Christmas morning, only that they meant a lot.

“It definitely helped me have a better Christmas,” he said last week. “It’s a good thing you guys do.”


Now, Stults is helping to do that “good thing” as a regular donor who knows better than most exactly what his donation will mean to the thousands of children going through hard times.

“I appreciate everything you guys do and I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there who do, too.”

The toy fund continues to ask for cash donations from readers to cover its cost and to sustain the charity as it moves into another decade helping Maine families.

Donations received during the holiday season are published in the newspaper, and gifts that have not yet been published will be listed in a future edition of the newspaper and online. Financial support also is accepted year-round and ensures that the fund will have the resources to buy gifts the next year.


In memory of my Aunt Frances T. Dooley, who was always so kind to her nephews. Much missed. John E. Dooley  $250
Brown School Fifth Grade Annual Penny Drive  $281.71
Pat & Barry Unnold  $500
Mari Miya  $50
Catherine Crute  $30
Anonymous  $50
Anonymous  $50
Lesley Ewald  $75
Thomas & Holly McKenny  $500
Chebeague Island Fire Department  $50
In loving memory of Jean L. Deshaies, from Charline and his children  $50
In memory of SDK, from Harry Konkel  $250
Merry Christmas to those less fortunate, from Finnegan, Abbie, Declan and Julia  $50
Lynda & John Wilson  $50
The Emerson Family  $200
Leigh & Phillip Kirchner  $100
In memory of our parents, Ernest W. & Carmel T. Rollins of Topsham, from Douglas Rollins & Elaine Dysinger & Roby Crosman  $100
From the grandkids, Abby, Sam, Carly, Molly, Xavier and Maddox, by Bob’s Welding Service  $200
Theodora & Eugene Paschke  $50
Sue & Tom  $100
In memory of Sue  $100
Peter & Kristen Lemay  $25
John & Jean Northrop  $100
Ed & Bernie Douglas  $50
In memory of John E. Menario  $100
Merry Christmas from Todd Renshaw & Patricia Hirano  $100
In loving memory of my husband, Wayne, and son Willam. From Dorothy York  $25
Anonymous  $100
In honor of my parents, Dodie & Homayon, from Zareen Taj Mirza  $100
In memory of grandparents, Rifae-Iskander Mirza, Horace & Katherine Hildreth Sr., from Zareen Taj Mirza  $50
In memory of great-grandparents, The Wings & Grandma Simens, from Zareen Taj Mirza  $50
In memory of Anne Brace Barnes, Lloyd Brace, Helen Brace, Dick & Laddy Brace, from Zareen Taj Mirza  $50
In memory of Auntie Taj Iman, Auntie Fakrie Ali,  & Auntie Nurjehan Mirza, from Zareen Taj Mirza  $50
In memory of my uncle Enva Ali Mirza and my brother, Enver Ali or Lawrence Mirza, from Zareen Taj Mirza  $50
In memory of Pastor Nancy  $25
Beacon #202  $50
Warmest Greetings & Good Health to All  $5
Toy Fund bottle collection  $320
Year to date  $121,023.40

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