Let me see if I get this right. If “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments,” by withholding and using the articles of impeachment as leverage to get Sen. McConnell to get her approval of how the Senate will try the impeachment, Speaker Pelosi is guilty of abusing her power as Speaker and obstructing Congress by withholding the House passed articles of impeachment. She is autocratically usurping the sole power of the Senate by asking for a quid pro quo: no Senate rules, no House articles. She is holding the Senate and the Executive hostage for her personal gain as she will retain her speakership only if Democrats hold the House in the fall election. Should I add that she has most certainly colluded with other Democrats, with possibly the DNC, and possibly with a complicit media to promote this miscarriage of Constitutional justice for the personal and political election gain of Democrats? Perhaps it is Speaker Pelosi who should be impeached. That the Senate would need at least fourteen Democrats and Independents to remove her from the House, impeachment is a moot point and a waste of time over the normal wax and wane of political gives and takes, and that is all for which President Trump is actually guilty.

Dan Konieczko,


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