Sen. Susan Collins just announced she is running for her fifth term. When she first ran, 23 years ago, she told the citizens of Maine that if elected, she would serve only two terms, as 12 years was enough for one person.

Many years ago, I corresponded with the senator multiple times, requesting help on an issue that hurt thousands of Maine citizens financially. I got the same computer-generated response every time I wrote and was stonewalled by her office when I called. I was promised a meeting with the senator but it never happened.

I will not vote for her until she satisfactorily explains why she failed to keep her word about serving only two terms and explains why she refused to help with the issue I raised.

We need term limits, but until that happens it is up to the voters of Maine to oust those who worry only about their next election, fail to keep their word and ignore the needs of the citizens they are supposed to represent.

In 2020, the election mantra needs to be: ABC – anybody but Collins.

Gary Phillips


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