TOPSHAM — Topsham police say that the town and surrounding communities are seeing a rash of car burglaries.

Most of the burglaries are happening in daycare and gym parking lots, Topsham police stated on Facebook Thursday. Many of the burglaries happened in the early morning or in the evening.

“The thieves have been watching the lots and have used window punches to take out the window if the car is locked. An unlocked car just makes it easier,” the statement adds. “It has been taking them less than a minute to approach a vehicle, punch the window or open the door, remove the purse or bag and be gone.”

Police say the thieves are mainly looking for identification, checks, debit or credit cards, which they quickly use before anything is reported as stolen.

Maine Pines Racquet and Fitness on Harpswell Road in Brunswick reported on its Facebook page that cars were vandalized in its parking lot Thursday night and items were stolen from the cars.

“Please do not leave valuables in your car!” the business warns.


Topsham police say vehicle owners should lock their cars and make sure bags and purses are not visible from outside the vehicle.

This is not the first rash of car burglaries in the Midcoast in recent weeks.

Bath police arrested a 17-year-old male from Columbus, Georgia, on Dec. 7 for an alleged “smash and grab theft” at the South End Park that occurred at around noon that day. Police said that witnesses saw the teen take a purse from a car, before leaving with others in a 2019 Kia Sorrento. He was later found by police in Yarmouth.

Bath Deputy Police Chief Andrew Booth said at the time that police that incident is related to a similar theft reported at the same time of day at the South End Park on Nov. 21. The side windows of two vehicles were broken and purses were taken. Police believe the cars were targeted because the items were visible from outside the vehicles.

There were several vehicles hit on that same day in other communities, suggesting the suspects would do a quick smash and grab and go to the next town, Booth said. The suspects seem to be looking for purses in those cases as well.


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