It is indeed unfortunate that the Press Herald chose to publish George Szok’s assertions regarding the ongoing impeachment process.

First, it is emphatically not the House’s role to pronounce guilt. Impeachment is not literally a legal process, but the closest analogy to the House’s role as that of a grand jury. A grand jury indicts, that is to say accuses. Thus the House has “accused” Trump of two rather pathetically crafted offenses. According to the Constitution, their role at this point is over, except for their inevitably futile attempt to convince the Senate, in it’s role as jury, that their incredibly inarticulate articles of impeachment merit the Senate’s removal of a President.

The assertion that the House role is to determine guilt is flat out wrong, and in fact, is so wrong your paper has done a grave disservice to put that assertion before the public.

As to the merits of their ridiculous allegations meeting the constitutional bar to remove a President, the Senate will quickly dispense with this partisan charade and, yes, will absolve (exonerate) Trump of any wrongdoing.

Don Vose


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