Former Gov. Paul LePage has shown his true colors by abandoning the state of Maine for Florida in order (by his own admission) simply to lower his taxes (Jan. 3). Many Mainers have assumed for years that LePage’s fiscal and social policies were detrimental to Maine and the long-term interests of citizens who want to remain here, despite having to pay slightly higher taxes.

For example, withholding bond issues for necessary state investments may have made short-term sense to LePage, but investments in road and bridge repairs, and the preservation of wilderness lands for future generations, are long-term investments for people who want and plan to live here. Further, withholding Medicaid services, paid primarily with federal funds, from needy Mainers is something only a heartless short-timer would make.

Thankfully, we now have a governor who cares about Maine and will approve reasonable expenditures necessary to improve the lives of current and future Maine residents, who are here by choice.

Good riddance, Mr. LePage. We were right about you all along. We can only wish it hadn’t taken eight years for you to acknowledge your lack of allegiance to the great state of Maine.

David S. Wakelin

South Portland

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