After months of thought and reflection, I am pleased to officially announce that I am running for Maine House District 53.

This decision did not come easily, it came after hearing feedback from across my district, time and time again, that people do not believe they are being represented, heard, or treated fairly.

I know House District 53 and its residents like I know the back of my hand; it’s where I grew up, where I married, and where I raised my family. It is full of good, hardworking Mainers, and when someone approaches me with a concern, whether I’m on the job site or at the gas station, I listen. Most important, I do not judge, discriminate, or use someone’s background to invalidate their feelings.

There are people in Augusta and who look down on folks like me, like many in House District 53, who took what they were dealt in life and made something good of it. These people believe that, despite making a career for yourself, despite raising a family in faith and love, and despite serving your community on multiple levels, you are simply a box that needs to be checked on paperwork and nothing of any further value.

Our worth and value is not assigned by Augusta. Your past does not make you irredeemable. Above all, every Mainer deserves to be represented thoughtfully, compassionately, and without judgment.

I look forward to representing House District 53 again, and bringing these values back to the capital.

Jeffrey Pierce,

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