As you probably all remember the “experts” declared that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump handily. We all know how that worked out. Now the “experts” keep talking about which candidate could beat President Trump in 2020.

Please do not think this way. What kind of person do you want as our president? I want an intelligent, compassionate, consistent, honest and brave person with lots of experience, who shows what they will actually stand for and actually try to accomplish.

I have my own issues that matter to me and you have yours. Do not trust the “experts” to pick this person on the electability issue. Read about the candidates. Watch the debates. Choose the person you think will serve our country the best. Then get everyone you know to get out there and vote.

The Democratic Party officials and “experts” are not to be trusted. They have their own agenda for who should be nominated. Think for yourself.

Valerie Razsa


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