Former national security adviser John Bolton gets a subpoena from the House to testify. He gets an order from the White House not to testify based on executive privilege. Bolton doesn’t want to get into trouble from either side, so he goes to court to get a ruling. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t wait for a ruling, because, she says, President Trump is a threat to America. So, the House Democrats, and only Democrats, vote to impeach Trump.

Then – this is the best part – Pelosi wants Bolton and others to testify in the Senate and won’t send over the articles of impeachment until the Senate agrees. Sort of a quid pro quo. This isn’t about witnesses. She just wants talking points because she has lost already. Trump approval numbers are going up and the House numbers are going down. The people know a con when they see one.

Under oath, all the witnesses for the Democrats said that Trump did not commit an impeachable offense. One of them, Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, who had talked to the president, testified that Trump told him, “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo.”

Pelosi said that impeachments must be bipartisan for the sake of the country. However, the House Democrats, and only Democrats, ignored their own evidence and voted to impeach.

The Founders must be rolling in their graves because this is what they feared. Heaven help future presidents. Although Monty Python is taking notes.

Douglas Crosby


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