Amazon and other technology giants appear to have settled on New York City for operations without big tax breaks. Their operations are a lot easier to move than General Dynamics’ Bath Iron Works. The Maine Legislature should develop a spine, as New Yorkers did, and collect the state taxes due rather than giving tax breaks to companies that do not pass on the savings to their union workers.

We have a unique opportunity in Maine through ranked-choice voting, first in the nation, to support getting Green Party candidate Lisa Savage on the ballot to run for U.S. Senate. She has been a longtime supporter of collecting taxes from General Dynamics. She needs 2,000 signatures from registered Green Party voters.

Since Bernie Sanders won the 2016 Democratic caucus vote in Maine with 67 percent, Greens have nothing to lose this time around by making sure they are registered as Greens as soon as possible. They can check with their town hall to see when their Green registration is valid.

After that date (if it is between Jan. 1 and March 15), they can sign Lisa’s petition to get on the ballot.

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Ginny Schneider

South Portland

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