It is with a heavy heart I write to you and your readers regarding art critic Daniel Kany’s move abroad. He will be sorely missed. Who else out there writes about Maine’s artists and institutions with a photographic eye and a deep knowledge of art history? Who out there will write with honesty and passionate opinion? Who out there will relate 19th-century paintings to our current culture of pop and media?

Who else is willing to be discerning and thus give his readers an insight into just how remarkable and exceptional is the visual fabric stitching Maine’s communities together? Who else will unapologetically write a review that weaves and meanders in the most obtuse ways but always bring you back center and present an enlightened idea? And, thus by doing so, he expands our knowledge and teases our curiosity.

Daniel Kany is not liked by all, nor does he desire to be. Some find his provocative writing an assault. But he has seen his role as vital to the dialogue of Maine’s history. And he has gone to the corners of this state to engage and witness its creative arts. And, he has gone always with a spirit of openness, mirth and guiding wisdom.

Dan, I thank you personally. Best wishes, friend and art conspirator, in your new role as a “cultural influencer” invited by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz to his new museum, called the Center for World Culture.

Elizabeth Moss

owner and director, Elizabeth Moss Galleries


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