I strongly urge Sen. Collins to actively seek testimony from new witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial. The need to hear from credible witnesses is not a “blue” issue or a “red” issue but is instead about getting to the truth of what has really happened with Ukraine.  Given that our country is starving for the benefits of a fair and impartial impeachment trial, it is imperative that we hear from the small handful of credible witnesses like John Bolton who have had direct contact with President Trump regarding Ukraine.  Hearing from them can hopefully start to help restore our country’s faith in a badly damaged political process, while sweeping them under the rug will create even more anger and frustration in an electorate that might not be able to handle much more.  For those that think that my request to Sen. Collins is a partisan one — it is not, as expert impeachment observers on both sides of the aisle assert that new witness testimony may easily be more damaging to Democrats than to Republicans.  Let’s hear what new witnesses have to say, and let the chips fall where they may. Failure to do so will leave a large majority of our country feeling cheated and lied to and there is no reasonable, non-partisan rationale for not hearing from them.
Sen. Collins, please help us seek the truth.
Joel Antolini,

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