If Sen. Susan Collins uses temperament as one criterion to measure judicial nominees, as she stated in your Jan. 12 article, she wouldn’t have voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

Never mind the sexual assault allegations. His conduct during the 2018 confirmation hearings was enough to convince one retired Supreme Court justice, John Paul Stevens, that Kavanaugh lacked the temperament to serve on the court. Stevens (who died in 2019) had supported Kavanaugh’s appointment prior to the hearings.

If you need a refresher, Google “Kavanaugh hearings” and watch Kavanaugh melt down before your eyes, insulting senators and angrily accusing the Democrats of a political hit job.

Susan Collins’ mind was made up prior to the hearings, as she worked on the 40-minute abrasive speech she finally delivered in his defense to the whole senate and nation.

Sen. Collins was wrong on one of the six most important votes she’s taken in her time in the Senate. That truth will unfold in the years to come.

Kim Matthews


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