At a special council meeting last Monday evening, Jan. 13, John Winslow and I presented information to the Falmouth Town Council to assist them in deciding a start date for a town-wide property tax revaluation. I would like to thank the council for their attentiveness and their interest in what we had to say. Although the usual time allowed for each person to make their statement was just three minutes, they courteously allowed us to complete our presentation without interruption.

At that same Council meeting, the Council listened to presentations by homeowners and commercial pesticide services as they argued for and against a proposed first-step regulation for use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Again, the council paid careful attention to what was being said and allowed ample time for each statement.

This experience shows that the council and the residents of the town of Falmouth can work together to ensure good end results.

Thank you Council!

Lee Hanchett