In light of the upcoming March 3 ballot Question 1, we should recognize that it is reasonable to disagree with the common view that failure to vaccinate fully is the most risky and irrational choice for everyone.

Some parents, through careful research and/or negative firsthand experience, recognize the risks associated with vaccines and try to balance them against the risk of a particular disease.

They may develop a philosophy to deal with this situation for their children differently from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. They may not want to delegate all vaccine decisions to the government. They may have concerns about agreeing in principle to mandating unknown future vaccines or about the profit motives of vaccine makers overriding safety considerations. These are perfectly reasonable views to respect.

Risk is unavoidable, regardless of vaccine choice. We trust concerned parents to weigh these issues. Voting “yes” to veto the new mandatory vaccine law will restore our precious freedom to make this important health choice without the threat of punishment.

Christopher Moulton


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