Re: “Collins says she raised concerns about Senate decorum” (Jan. 24):

Really? It turns out that “Our Senator,” now the hall-monitor of Congress, wrote a note complaining about the “tone” of the interaction between Rep. Jerry Nadler and Trump attorney Pat Cipollone. Amazing.

I immediately turned on the clip (hardly eye-popping). Then I followed up with the Senate hearing of Brett Kavanaugh.

Imagine my surprise. Here was a candidate whose future decisions would affect not only generations of Americans, but the planet they inhabit. Before a panel of senators, members of what Chief Justice John Roberts called “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” Kavanagh banged on the table, screamed at his accusers, whined, cried and shouted to the rafters. And where, oh where, was “Our Senator”?

She was holding his hand and smoothing his rumpled ego. Not one word did she send to the school principal.

No doubt this new concern over decorum is simply step one in a carefully crafted strategy to re-inflate the sinking myth that “Our Senator” is moderate and bipartisan. To be sure, more smoke and mirrors will come our way as the impeachment proceeds, for “Brand Susan” is a shrewdly constructed package. But as the Trump tax bill takes its bite, the Affordable Care Act stumbles and angry Brett makes his right-of-Genghis Khan decisions, we consumers are beginning to read the toxic ingredients that lurk behind the label, “Our Senator.”

No doubt, party bosses will continue to call Collins their girl, but she is no longer ours and never really was.

Ardis Cameron

South Portland

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