There is a tragedy of biblical proportions unfolding in Washington, and Sen. Susan Collins’ role in history is yet to be decided. High school civics would have taught her that witnesses, documents and other evidence is part of a real trial.

President Trump is on record as willing to accept dirt from “friendly” countries. If Ukraine needed to produce dirt on Joe Biden to receive a half a billion dollars, it would be very easy to produce “dirty” dirt with computer programs that so eerily distorted Nancy Pelosi.

This trial is about the future of our planet – the future of my grandchildren. Global warming may be just as lethal as a global nuclear war and may well lead to one, as billions fight for the last scraps of food and water.

Nuclear war could result from something as stupid as assassinating an Iranian war criminal while Iran is having joint military maneuvers with Russia and China. Thirty-four U.S. troops given no chance to “duck and cover” may be ducking and covering on our streets for years from “headaches.”

Are we to trust someone who ripped off American veterans’ charities as our supreme commander? Will a temper tantrum in which he calls our top military commanders “dopes and babies” lead him to throw the nuclear football into the stands? Prince Charles showed the entire world’s revulsion in Davos when he refused to even look at Vice President Mike Pence.

Maine has the oldest population in America. Will we survive Trump’s cuts to our Social Security and health care?

Dr. Paul Averill Liebow


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