No problem, just hungry

A woman, who activated her four-way flashers at the Rines Bypass and Narragansett Street at 5:50 p.m. on Dec. 28, told police she was OK. She was ordering food.


Christopher L. Duchaine, 35, Finn Parker Road, Gorham, on Nov. 28 on a charge of violating condition of release, on Finn Parker Road.

Ellen L. Strout, 40, Daisy Lane, Gorham, on Dec. 1 on a charge of domestic violence assault, in the Gorham area.

Colin A. Frick, 35, Gorham, on Dec. 5 on charges of unlawful possession of cocaine, violation of protective order, theft by receiving stolen property, unlawful possession of fentanyl powder and violating condition of release, on State Street.

Gerald M. Roesner, 31, Congress Street, Portland, on Dec. 5 on charges of falsifying physical evidence and unlawful possession of scheduled drug, on County Road.

Michael W. Stevens, 28, Preble Street, Gorham, on Dec. 10 on a charge of probation hold-officer, on Preble Street.

Steven M. Kuntz, 45, Patrick Drive, Gorham, on Dec. 12 on a charge of violation of protective order, on Salem Street, Portland.

Ryan F. Walsh, 20, Portland, on Dec. 16 on charges of operating under the influence (alcohol)-no test, and operate vehicle without license-condition/restriction, on Main Street.