SCARBOROUGH – Could somebody live on breakfast sandwiches alone?

Probably, if they’re the ones from Honeycomb Cafe in Scarborough. At least this somebody would like to try.

The selection of seven breakfast sandwiches at Honeycomb Cafe have enough variety of ingredients and taste combinations to be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for folks looking for basic sustenance or culinary adventure. The eatery opened in December, in a one-story blue building in front of the Pleasant Hill Driving Range on Pleasant Hill Road.

The Casco Bay breakfast sandwich at Honeycomb Cafe in Scarborough. Photo by Ray Routhier

The menu starts off with a standard egg and American cheese on a homemade English muffin or biscuit. A slightly more sophisticated treat is the Casco Bay, an egg with grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions and creamy goat cheese on a homemade English muffin. For a larger appetite and for some veggies, there’s a breakfast burrito with two eggs, roasted potatoes, avocado, peppers, onions, cilantro-lime sour cream and salsa verde.

For a healthy version of an egg sandwich, try the Tuscan Turkey, which has egg whites, turkey sausage, kale, sundried tomato spread and mozzarella on an English muffin. Or the Garden Sprout, which has a veggie sausage as its base ingredient.

For people who crave burgers all day long, there’s a Breakfast Burger sandwich. It’s a burger with egg, hollandaise, tomatoes and scallions on a homemade biscuit. For those who want everything great about breakfast in one sandwich, there’s something called the Waffle, with egg, sausage, cheddar cheese and maple syrup on two homemade waffles.

When I went into the eatery around lunchtime recently, I was stunned by all the creative breakfast sandwich options, and how cheap they were. The prices range from $4 for the basic egg and cheese to $5.75 for the breakfast burrito. At those prices, I figured, why not get two? They must be small, because breakfast sandwiches usually are, right?

So I ordered the Waffle ($5.20) and the Casco Bay ($4.60). They were not small. The Casco Bay came on a homemade English muffin that was larger (and fluffier and better tasting) than your standard version and was piled high with grilled mushrooms, fried egg and onions, as well as a creamy goat cheese. The savory mushrooms and onions were perfectly cooked and blended nicely with the richness of the cheese and egg, which was just runny enough.

Honeycomb Cafe on Pleasant Hill Road in Scarborough. Photo by Ray Routhier

The Waffle sandwich was no small snack either. It included a fried egg, a slab of fresh-tasting sausage meat, and a couple slices of cheddar stuffed between two homemade waffles. The waffles were a little soft, like bread, so they perfectly caught the slightly runny yoke and kept everything inside the sandwich. They were also rich and tasty. The sandwich came with a small container of maple syrup, and I happily dipped corners of it into the syrup before each bite.

Honeycomb Cafe also has an equally creative lunch-sandwich menu, which I’ll have to try another time. There’s the Farmhouse Grilled Cheese ($8.25) with mushroom, caramelized onions, brie and rosemary aioli on sourdough bread. There’s also the Pimento Piggy ($8.25) with honey ham, pimento cheese, pickles and dijonaisse grilled on sourdough bread. There are a half dozen sandwiches on the menu, plus a couple salads.

The cafe also has a tempting sweets case filled with cookies, muffins, whoopie pies and more. I bought some homemade pop tarts ($2) to bring home to the family. Mine had flaky, buttery pastry, filled and topped with brown sugar and cinnamon.

I ate my lunch at the cafe, which has plenty of seating in a colorful, cheery room. It’s on Pleasant Hill Road between Route 1 and the Hannaford supermarket offices, in an area mostly known for auto body places and industrial uses. It’s not exactly a foodie destination. Not yet anyway.

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