Make no mistake: The coup going on at the University of Maine against the originally chartered University of Maine College Republicans is just one more move to destroy free speech on college campuses.

When the UMaine College Republicans, led by President Charlie Honkonen, lost their adviser when that adviser moved away, far-left professor Amy Fried took over the role. Within a few weeks she resigned because of apparent “ideological differences.” What a surprise! Did she go in thinking there would be no differences with the College Republicans? The start of the coup.

Suddenly a new group of so-called Republicans emerged on campus. Where did they come from? Why did they not simply join with the original group? Certainly there cannot be thousands of conservative students on the Orono campus! Step two of the coup.

When Honkonen’s disenfranchised College Republicans managed to find a new adviser and reapplied for their charter before the Student Organizations Committee, they were asked: Were they endorsed by the Maine Republican Party? The Maine Republican Party chair, Demi Kouzounas, claimed they could not endorse any specific group. Step three.

The Maine College Republicans is recognized by the Maine Federation of College Republicans, which is affiliated with the Maine Republican Party. Chair Kouzounas and Executive Director Jason Savage actually refused to support a group affiliated with their own organization! That’s rather suspicious.

Are the people of Maine really ready to give up free speech? Are they willing to abandon our young people to the liberal left? I certainly am not!

Judy Fossel


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