As reported by Staff Writer Rachel Ohm in your Saturday edition (Feb. 1, Page B1), Susan Collins’ campaign announced that “more than 87 percent of the contributions received by Dec. 31, (2019) were under $200, and they were spread among donors from each of Maine’s 16 counties.” Amy Abbott, finance director for the Collins for Senator campaign, told the Press Herald: “Many of the donations that Susan received this quarter came from people who tell us they are tired of the intentionally misleading, dark money ads and they want to help her fight back.”

I, for one, am insulted by the intentionally misleading messages coming from her campaign. Clearly the intent is to give the impression that most of the $10.9 million she raised came from Maine residents. Not so. Read carefully. “Eighty-seven percent” refers to contributions under $200. It is not the same as 87 percent of the money raised.

In fact, detailed information from the Federal Elections Commission shows that just under 10 percent of the actual money raised came from individual contributions of less than $200. Where does the other 90 percent come from?

We all need to be good consumers of information when we consider where candidates’ financial support comes from and who they will actually represent if elected.

Kendra Williams


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