WESTBROOK — City Councilors now have a private space at City Hall to meet with constituents, giving residents a new way to connect with their councilors.

“Oftentimes citizens come to either our house or we go to their house to talk about different things. Council President Gary Rairdon said. ” I think the office will be cool, because it will give some mutual ground to discuss city options and have a place to go for answers.”

The office was officially opened Wednesday between a large conference room and front lobby.

“It also gives a neutral area to meet with department heads, rather than meeting in a whole different office, and sometimes meeting in coffee shops or somewhere you don’t have that privacy,” Rairdon said.

Councilors will book the shared space for appointments.

“It’ll be nice for the council to have a place to call home in City Hall since they haven’t had anything,” Mayor Mike Foley said.


Ward 1 Councilor David Morse, Council President Gary Rairdon and at-large Councilor Mike Shaughnessy talk in the new City Council office. Chance Viles / American Journal

Ward 1 Councilor David Morse, Ward 5 Councilor Elliot Storey, Mayor Mike Foley, Council President Gary Rairdon, and at-large councilors Mike Shaughnessy and Claude Rwaganje cut the ribbon for the new City Council office. Chance Viles / American Journal

From left, Westbrook City Councilors Elliot Storey, Mike Shaughnessy, Gary Rairdon and Claude Rwaganje attend the official opening Wednesday.. Chance Viles / American Journal


Finance Director Suzanne Knight leads a tour of the Finance Department at City Hall for new councilors, accompanied by Mayor Mike Foley and City Clerk Angela Holmes. Chance Viles / American Journal

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