By stating “I believe that the president has learned from this case” and “I believe that he will be much more cautious in the future,” our senior senator, Susan Collins, showed that she is either dimwitted or afraid.

After receiving her diploma from Caribou High School, Collins went on to graduate from St. Lawrence University and has held many important political positions. So, clearly Sen. Collins is not stupid. Indeed, she, as well as just about every other voter in Maine, could not have been surprised by President Trump’s comments on her view about learning an important lesson. Trump said, as he has dozens of times before, “It was a perfect call.” Clearly, no lesson was learned here by Trump.

This leaves a fearful Sen. Collins. I don’t know why she is afraid, but I do know that the citizens of Maine hired Collins to face fear, as all our veterans have, and do the right thing. Instead of teaching Trump a lesson in proper behavior, our fearful Sen. Collins, by failing to voting guilty, has done the opposite and simply emboldened narcissistic Trump.

Where our damaged democracy will be in the future, nobody knows, but the damage done by Collins and fellow Republican senators is significant. This is a reason to really be frightened.

John Nowacki


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