On the topic of Munjoy Hill becoming Portland’s 12th historic district, I want most supporters of this to know that the neighbors driving this agenda have lied to you. How? As shared by the Historic Preservation team on Dec. 11, see facts below:

• The No. 1 reason why most want the district is to stop big, boxy condos from being built, which hurts the fabric of the neighborhood. Well, guess what? A new historic district has nothing to do with building size. Nothing. A historic district will not stop big, boxy condos from appearing.

• The second reason why people wanted the district is to stop demolitions. A historic district will not stop that, either. In fact, knocking down buildings is easier in a historic district, if you have a noncontributing building. Under historic district status, demolition is a right, pure and simple. No reviews or extra time is required. In fact, contributing buildings can be knocked down, too, with approval.

On the topic of demolitions, here are some statistics from the city:

• From 2015 to June 2018, we had 13 demolitions.

• Between June 2018 and now, we have had only six demolitions.

So, if you are one of the ardent supporters who have contacted the city to support a historic district to stop big condos and demolitions, get out your pen and write a new letter to stop this red herring of a tactic. The fabric of the neighborhood is at stake.

A historic district is the wrong tool to address your concerns! Support the ReCode effort!

Anne Manganello


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