WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.  — Dusty Baker wants action from Major League Baseball: End the criticism of the Astros from across baseball over sign stealing, and take steps to ensure pitchers don’t throw at his players.

“It’s not good for the game, it’s not good for kids to see it, so I think both,” the new Houston manager said Saturday. “Stop the comments and also stop something before it happens.”

Baker spoke in response to a wave of harsh comments during spring training about the Astros’ use of video to steal signs in 2017 and 2018. Los Angeles Dodger first baseman Cody Bellinger said Friday the Astros “stole” the 2017 World Series title from them and adds that Jose Altuve did likewise with the MVP, denying the Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

Houston players, management and ownership spent the first day of camp apologizing for their actions and professing remorse. But many players and front offices around the league didn’t feel they went far enough.

Justin Verlander did not throw his scheduled bullpen session and No. 2 starter Zack Greinke isn’t even in camp yet, adding to an unusual start to Houston’s spring training.

YANKEES: General Manager Brian Cashman had suspected that the Houston Astros had been breaking rules against electronic sign stealing long before Commissioner Rob Manfred released his report in January that resulted in three big league managers losing their jobs.

“I’ll acknowledge that we had many a conversation with Major League Baseball the last number of years about suspicions, but having suspicions and being able to prove it are two different things,” Cashman said Friday.

TRADE: The first trade in almost 30 years between two teams separated by a bay and a bridge happened Saturday, when San Francisco send right-hander Burch Smith to the Oakland Athletics for cash.

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