Mainers are fiercely independent, so it should come as no surprise that resistance to the mandatory vaccine law has been so strong.

The law – mandating vaccines for all children and some adults – removes the right to make voluntary medical decisions without risk of punishment.

We were told that this law was passed to protect the public from unvaccinated individuals, but this is not true. According to the Maine Center for Disease Control, 80 percent of whooping cough cases were in vaccinated individuals. And Maine’s first measles case in two years, confirmed last May, was in a vaccinated child.

Clearly, the “unvaccinated” are not the threat. Vaccines carry the risk of injury or death, and it is impossible to predict who will be harmed. To date, more than $4 billion has been awarded to people who say that they have been victims of vaccine injury.

Without the right to choose to take this risk for ourselves or our children, we are no longer free. You may agree with the list of mandated vaccines today, but what if one is added that you do not agree with? If this bill is not overturned, we will have lost the ability to opt out.

I believe Maine will do what it does best: show its strength and resilience in times of trouble. Send a message to Big Pharma and our elected representatives that we will not surrender such basic human rights. Help preserve medical freedom in Maine. Vote “yes” on Question 1.

Donna Dodge


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