I am writing in support of drug sentencing reform because I want to help my brothers and sisters in recovery from chemical dependency.

I am a Maine resident with 10 years of clean and sober time. As a member of 12-step recovery groups I have seen many addicts die from this disease. I have also seen many people with great courage and perseverance finally come to the serenity of living life on life’s terms, clean and sober.

Decriminalizing possession of opiates and other illegal drugs will help the addict in recovery who wants to make an honest effort to stop using drugs and to stay stopped. An addict in recovery is not a bad person trying to be good – they are sick people trying to get well.

We can help the addict in recovery by supporting L.D. 1492, a bill focusing on drug sentencing reform. It will affect the lives of people in early recovery. Starting out in a recovery group or rehab gives them a much more positive attitude than the negative and pro-drug culture of jail.

The Legislature’s support of decriminalization of possession will save lives, deprive drug dealers of criminal profits and lower the cost of medical intervention for overdoses. If we can get more addicts into recovery, we can also discourage the criminal elements from outside the state.

Please help us in the struggle to save lives. Please support L.D. 1492. Let’s make the addiction crisis in Maine a public health issue, not a crime.

Keith Mooers


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