We’ve already paid for the WEX deal, let’s not pay again.

Should the town of Scarborough give WEX a $2.25 million tax refund to move from South Portland to The Downs, the best location in the state? We’ve already committed up to $81 million to The Downs to do this.

The town’s theory was to induce The Downs with $81 million to bring more commercial enterprises to the property and build less housing.

With much fanfare, the WEX move was announced by The Downs on Jan. 16. It failed to say they were looking for millions more in taxpayer money.

The Town Council is scheduled to have a final vote at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, guaranteeing a $2.25 million tax refund to WEX over 15 years. It is estimated by the town that The Downs will receive a $4.73 million tax refund for this project alone. These are the town’s numbers, not mine.

The proposed WEX development and its financing should be a private business transaction; the citizens of Scarborough have already “paid” their share.

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Larry Hartwell