Dark money groups are working overtime in Maine. The latest example is the coordinated effort among several left-wing groups, most of them from out of state, to fake a town hall meeting in Portland and then pretend that Sen. Susan Collins didn’t show up.

These groups are led by Maine Momentum, a dark money group that refuses to say who is paying them to campaign against Sen. Collins. Other names behind the fake town halls are MoveOn.org, Be a Hero, Indivisible, the Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

I have a question for them. Who is funding you? If you can’t be honest about that, then why I am supposed to believe anything you say?

Sen. Collins definitely listens to the people of Maine, but I don’t blame her for not listening to wealthy, partisan activists, mostly from away, who are trying hard to pull one over on actual Maine voters.

Drew Serbin


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