We live in a civilized society. Paramount to our civilized society is the protection of individual freedoms and our right to self-determination (i.e., the ability to freely make choices about our own lives without government intrusion). But these rights are not unlimited.

In a civilized society it is sometimes necessary to infringe upon an individual’s right to make certain choices in order to protect society as a whole. When our individual choice may cause harm to others, we make laws that restrict this unwanted behavior.

For example, we can’t “choose” to discharge a gun in a crowded neighborhood. We can’t “choose” to drive while intoxicated. We can’t “choose” to dump toxins into a river. We can’t “choose” to leave our children unattended in a hot car. Each of these laws are logical and makes sense.

Now we have a law that says we can’t “choose” to send our unvaccinated children to public schools (unless medically exempted). This new law is also logical and makes sense, and protects society as a whole. So, stop telling us about how this law infringes on your individual right to choose. Vote “no” on the vaccine referendum to support the health of our citizens and to keep this scientifically supportable law in place.

Andy Wright


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