The good news is that Maine is a Super Tuesday primary state and Democratic votes will really matter this year.

The bad news for Democrats is that we are all chasing our tails on the “electability” issue. Let’s stop trying to game how others will vote. On primary day, we’re meant to vote for the Democratic candidate we think will make the best president.

I’ll be voting for Elizabeth Warren. She embodies everything I want to see in our next president: integrity, stellar intelligence, the ability and desire to listen and learn from the experts. Class. Respect for our allies. Warren’s career has been dedicated to exposing and then fighting the rigged system that we all live in now. She has solid, meticulously detailed plans to claw back some of what we’ve lost in the past 40 or so years.

How will we pay for all of this? With an entirely fair wealth tax. Picture Camden Harbor on a sparkling summer day, boats of every size afloat. Now watch as an obscenely huge yacht glides into the harbor. That lone guy at the wheel on the vast, empty deck? Warren is proposing that in order to fund these vital, game-changing plans, he be taxed 2 cents on the dollar, on his wealth over $50 million. I think he can afford it, don’t you?

On March 3, let’s show the nation that in addition to being the most beautiful state, Maine is the smartest one. Vote for Elizabeth Warren.

Siobhan Kelly


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