FORT MYERS, Fla. — The results of MLB’s investigation into the 2018 Red Sox for illegal sign-stealing should come soon. All interviews have been conducted. All information has been gathered.
The Athletic reported the Red Sox used their video replay room to illegally decode signs during the 2018 season.
“The latest we have is simply that no decision has been made yet,” Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark said. “We will wait to hear from the league as to when that decision may be made. But as of right now, we understand that the interviews that they were going to have and did have, as well as the information that they were gathering from beyond the player interviews, has all happened. And now we’re just waiting for the decision itself.”
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said Feb. 16 the process was slowed when MLB needed to reinterview certain witnesses after new developments emerged. At that point, Manfred expected to conclude the investigation by the end of this week.
“I think the (Red Sox players) understand the process,” Clark said. “Obviously everybody’s looking forward to the 2020 season and we’d like to put this behind.”
Interim manager Ron Roenicke also said the Red Sox want to put the investigation behind them.
“I know you kind of push it off because you’ve got all this other stuff to do, but it’s still always there,” Roenicke said. “So it would be nice to get it done.”
Roenicke, the bench coach in 2018, is confident MLB won’t find him to be involved.
Told he doesn’t look worried, Roenicke replied, “I’m not. Not for me. Yeah, I don’t know what’s gonna come out of this. But I know what I do. I know how I go about my job. And I take what you’re supposed to do seriously.”

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