FREEPORT — Freeport police are warning residents about what they called a possible scam involving two tow truck companies claiming to operate out of Freeport.

According to police, Starzs Towing and Freeport Family Roadside are using separate empty Main Street storefronts as their address. Police believe the same people are behind both operations.

Detective Gino Bianchini said local tow company Star told police last week the business got a complaint about the prices it was charging. He discovered it was actually Starzs Towing.

One person was quoted $180 to have their vehicle unlocked, which normally costs $50. Bianchini also called and got high quotes. He was asked for credit card information upfront. Normally tow companies don’t charge until they arrive at a call, he said.

The companies told Bianchini they are owned by parent company 24-7 Towing and Roadside Service, which he called.

“When I asked them where they’re located and who they use for local drivers, they said, ‘I can’t tell you that,'” he said.

Police aren’t investigating further but wanted to warm the public.

Bianchini said he can’t confirm whether Starzs Towing and Freeport Family Roadside are real companies.

Starzs Towing had a website that is no longer online.


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