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KENNEBUNKPORT — A former state legislator is looking to return to the State House and is seeking the Republican nomination for House District 9 in the June 9 primary in advance of the Nov. 3 election.

Stedman Seavey, 68, said he’s hopes to focus on issues concerning the elderly, home health, taxes and prescription drugs.

“We must encourage our elderly to remain independent and productive members of our communities,” he said in a news release.

Seavey earned a degree in political science from the University of Southern Maine and was the owner of Bradbury Brothers Market in Cape Porpoise for 25 years. He and his wife Betsy operate the Goose Rocks Beach General Store and Gift Shop. The couple has two children and two grandchildren.

Seavey said he had been elected as a state representative seven times, beginning in 1982. He sat out the last election, after experiencing an irregular heartbeat. At the time, he said, he didn’t know how serious the situation was and so withdrew from the 2018 race. A pacemaker has worked “tremendously well” and he’s doing fine, he said in an email.

District 9 includes all of Kennebunkport and parts of Kennebunk and Biddeford.


He noted the district contains a large elderly population.

“Everyone wants to live in their homes as long as they can and not be forced out by lack of health assistance or taxes etc., said Seavey. “(Kennebunkport) has one of the finest public town health nursing departments in our state. Yet the state should do more to ensure the continuance of the aged to live in their homes.”

He said he and Rep. Arthur Verow of Brewer were the prime representatives responsible for getting legislation passed to allow for a tax break for those with disabilities to refurbish their homes for handicapped accessibility.

“I also think we need the state to be more proactive and not so reactive to other family issues such as domestic abuse, bullying, and low self-esteem of anyone” said Seavey. “This can be done by education not legislation. I’ve heard of or witnessed four generations of children being raised in our town — my parents’ generation, my generation, my children’s generation and my grandchildren’s generation, and I believe it’s getting more difficult for every generation to ‘raise’ children in the manner that parents would like. It is tough for parents to compete against culture, loosening moral values through entertainment and even in the educational system. Yet I don’t believe that every problem can be solved by a bureaucracy. Churches, nonprofits and even neighbors can do so much to help. What kind of legislation would this mean? I don’t really know. We are living now in the great information age. But how informative are we on how to live.”

Seavey said he previously served on the Marine Resources committee where he was instrumental in passing “working waterfront” legislation. He was the sole York County legislator on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee in the 128th Legislature and previously served on the Health and Human Services and Taxation committees.

Seavey will likely face Democrat Traci Gere, in the fall contest. As of Feb. 21, they were the sole candidates seeking their party’s nomination June 9.


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