Here are three important reasons to support Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary:

• Health care. We deserve to live in a country where health care is a right, not a privilege, and where people do not die as a result of lack of access (tens of thousands per year) or go bankrupt because of medical issues (over half a million per year). No other candidate has a plan as good, thorough or viable as Sanders. He has been promoting “Medicare for All” health care for 40-plus years. And he wrote the damn bill.

• Climate change. Sanders has been raising concerns about the dangers of climate change for over 30 years. He has a comprehensive plan to make our country the leader in protecting your planet. And he is endorsed by the Sunrise Movement.

• Defeating Donald Trump. Sanders is able to draw from a base that no other Democratic candidate will be able to tap in to. There are young people, independent voters and Republicans who will vote for Sanders but may not be willing to vote for any other Democratic candidate in November. That’s just a fact.

And polls show that in head-to-head match ups, Sanders consistently does better against Trump than any other candidate.

If you care about providing health care to all, protecting our planet or defeating Trump, vote for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday.

Joshua Gear


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