Do you wish to allow an estimated 9,000 students educational access, and not strip $80-plus million worth of funding in Maine? That’s Question 1. If you don’t want to mess with the students, schools, parents and communities, you’ll vote “yes.”

Don’t be fooled, this law isn’t about health. To be clear, exemptions have existed since school attendance. I don’t see an issue, do you? Is kicking kids out the way to solve the nonexistent issue?

People have a right to choose. This law, L.D. 798, which was passed narrowly in Augusta, picks on kids. The big medical associations have well-paid lobbyists working the state Capitol to protect their money, not to help children.

The most important question is “Do you agree with the government mandating injections through coercion by denying educational access?”

Of course not.

“Yes” will repeal this. To say that we need to inject our kids with Big Pharma medicine or they can’t go to school is wrong, unethical and not our way. It’s segregationist by nature, and that’s not Maine.

What is wrong with the way kids are sent to school now? Do we seriously expect our people to now home-school? How are we going to pay the teachers once the kids are kicked out? It’s not health. It’s all money. Are you going to kick youngsters to the curb for Big Pharma profit?

This is our last chance to right something wrong. Vote “yes” on 1 on March 3, because Maine won’t segregate.

Josiah R. Wilson

Port Clyde

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