In the Feb. 26 report on the Legislature’s scrutiny of the proposed consumer ownership of Central Maine Power, Julia Frayer, managing director of London Economics International, the consulting firm hired to advise Mainers on the project, is quoted as saying: “There is no magic wand which allows for rapid reduction in rates and improvement in service quality.”

She is right – if we don’t use the wind consistently blowing along our coast to generate our electricity; she is wrong – if we do. The price of energy going forward will be set by folks who are only interested in draining money away from Maine. They care nothing for the well-being of our state or our people except as a parasite cares about its host.

Not only do we have a magic wand capable of improving our rates, we can simultaneously reduce our rates to near nothing by selling surplus power all the way down the East Coast. If the Maine Public Utilities Commission doesn’t come away from this process with an accurate and valid assessment of the true costs of and benefits to Mainers of using the wind to generate our energy, we deserve to continue to send our monthly check to the folks in Spain. Are we that stupid?

James Michael Tierney


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