It is time for state legislators and municipal officials to revise the excise tax assessment for Maine citizens: specifically, the method in which vehicle registrations are processed.

The tax rate is applied to the window sticker valuation for new vehicles, and for used ones, it is calculated based on the amount indicated on the bill of sale. Generally, this money stays within the town or city.

With vehicle manufacturers gaming the public with “X percent off” or “$10,000-plus off” sticker prices, Mainers in essence are paying well above the valuation of said vehicle. With many average vehicles having a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $30,000 or more, this is a significant expense for Maine families and yet another deterrent to attracting or keeping folks in Maine.

We are in the minority of the states still collecting this tax, and it’s time to find another way of funding the items in which the dollars are used for. Myself and many others do not purchase or lease new vehicles for this very reason. If you agree, write your representative.

Andrew Soucy


This letter was corrected on March 3. An earlier version incorrectly characterized the rate at which the tax is levied, which is based on a statewide formula.

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