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BIDDEFORD — A suspect wanted on a nationwide felony warrant arrested by Maine State Police and Biddeford Police a year ago after he jumped out of a second-story window, was sentenced recently to six years in prison on a drug charge.

Jamison Snyder, 48, of Biddeford pleaded guilty to felony aggravated trafficking in fentanyl at York County Superior Court in Alfred last month.

Police used a stun gun to subdue Snyder after they found him on the ground outside the Main Street apartment building shortly after 6 p.m. on Feb. 18, 2019. He had sustained an injury to the head when he jumped, police said.

In a statement issued a day following the incident, Maine State Police said they used the stun gun to subdue Snyder when he refused to show his hands.

They said Snyder was found holding a plastic bag in his hands which they suspect contained illegal drugs.

Police at the time said Snyder had recently been released from prison, but had allegedly already violated his probation. He had been sentenced to nine years in prison, with all but 20 months suspended and three years probation on a Class B felony drug trafficking conviction at York County Superior Court on Oct., 24, 2017, according to the Maine Department of Corrections.


State troopers, along with Biddeford Police, arrived at a multi-unit Main Street building after developing information that Snyder had been staying in a second-floor apartment there. Police said when they arrived at the apartment, a woman would not initially answer the door, telling police she needed to get dressed.

An officer at the scene was watching a rear window and saw Snyder jump from the second floor onto the ground that was covered in ice.

He was taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland for treatment of his head wound.

Biddeford Deputy Police Chief JoAnne Fisk said Biddeford officers provided assistance at the request of Maine State Police.


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