Residents queue up to vote Tuesday morning at the South Portland Community Center. Amy Canfield / For The Forecaster

CAPE ELIZABETH — Former Vice President Joe Biden eked out a slim victory in the presidential primary over his Democratic rivals across the state on Super Tuesday, but his margin of victory was much greater in Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough.

Biden captured 1,117 votes, or 37% of the Democratic vote in Cape Elizabeth, finishing ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (713, 23%), Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (559, 18%) and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (419, 14%), who dropped out of the race Wednesday morning.

The results were similar in Scarborough, with Biden gaining 1,546 votes (37%), followed by Sanders (1,035, 25%), Warren (637, 15%) and Bloomberg (636, 15%).

South Portland Democrats opted for Sanders, who picked up 36% of the vote (2,277 votes). Biden received 30% (1,924 votes), with Warren getting 20% (1,277 votes) and Bloomberg getting 9% (583 votes).

All three communities joined voters across the state in rejecting a people’s veto to repeal an immunization law that removes religious and philosophical exemptions to immunization requirements for students of schools and colleges in Maine and for employees of nursery schools and health care facilities. Close to 89% of voters in Cape Elizabeth rejected the repeal, while close to 86% did so in South Portland and more than 83% in Scarborough.

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