Calling all writers and musicians! I propose a contest to share information about preventing the spread of coronavirus:
1) Check the facts at
2) Put words to music and post them on YouTube.
3) share your creation via social media – including the Press Herald.
Who wins? The song with the most “hits.”

For inspiration, see how the bubonic plague “went viral” via students (2010) after Gwen Stefani’s song “Hollaback Girl” was used to ensure that a certain lesson got learned. It’s catchy and tells it like it was (according to

What do we need people to know? “Keep your fingers off your face” sums up one of the Centers for Disease Control’s directives. Here are a few more potential lines:
“Fist-bumping is the new handshake.”
“Hit the elevator button with your knuckle, not your palm.”
“Wash your hands” (refrain)
“Cover that cough/sneeze and toss the tissue”
“Sanitize your smartphone/doorknobs/etc.”
“If you’re sick, stay home”

The goal is to GO viral, not BE viral.

Mariana Tupper


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