Re: “Letter to the editor: Collins helped save aid for rural schools” (March 10):

Before she helped temporarily save aid for rural schools, Sen. Susan Collins endangered it.

Sen. Collins might have once been a truly bipartisan, independent lawmaker. This has not been the case since President Trump took office.

Despite pleas from her constituents to stand up to the Trump administration and vote against Betsy DeVos’ nomination, Sen. Collins cast the tie-breaking vote in committee to endorse DeVos’ nomination and all but ensured that the unqualified, anti-public education billionaire would become secretary of education. The fact that Sen. Collins voted against DeVos in the final Senate confirmation vote is proof only that she cares more about the illusion of independence than the principle.

What’s more, this was only one of numerous cases in which Sen. Collins voted against Mainers’ interests in order to ingratiate herself with Sen. Mitch McConnell and President Trump.

A one-year delay in these funding cuts is neither a good fix, nor a sign that Sen. Collins has come back around to the side of Mainers. If President Trump and Sen. Collins are re-elected in November, our public schools will continue to suffer at the neglect and derision of an administration that cares only about itself and its rich, powerful circle of friends.

If we want a truly independent senator who will stand up to President Trump and the Republican establishment to save our schools, we need to vote Sen. Collins out of office in November.

Julian Snow

state director, NextGen Maine


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