I am over age 60 and have chronic lung issues from an accident. I am totally disgusted with Donald Trump and Fox News for dismissing criticism of his coronavirus plan as a “hoax.”

Who the hell are they to mock sick people and continue a news media misinformation campaign, while Trump believes “a hunch” (on the virus’ death rate) instead of educated, medically trained individuals? Trump is wrong in stating that a vaccine will be ready in a few months. I totally resent his lying to me.

The fake news is Trump and his cronies. All political sides should be working together to tell the truth about the virus, and help to calm fears. The Trump administration refuses to believe the World Health Organization.

Trump believes that his own lies, campaign promises and his true believers are more important than understanding citizens’ fears and concerns.

I know all so well what it like to be really ill, have to isolate myself from family and friends, never mind people in general, and wonder if I may become very ill from this virus.

Trump and Fox News are criminally irresponsible for misleading the public. Trump and cronies need to demonstrate some real knowledge of this virus and stop lying to the world.

Paul Baresel


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