YARMOUTH — Police are looking into the thefts of several items from graves at Holy Cross Cemetery.

These Jesus and Mary statues were stolen from a grave at Holy Cross Cemetery in Yarmouth on March 19. Courtesy / Yarmouth Police

The department received a report the morning of March 19 of Jesus and Mary statues being stolen from the Smith Street graveyard. The approximately 2-foot-tall statues had last been seen there about 10 days prior, according to Police Chief Daniel Gallant.

Another person reported thefts as well from the cemetery, according to Lt. Kevin Pedersen. Items are missing from two separate graves: a foot-tall statue of Jesus from one, and an owl bell and plastic crosses from another.

Thefts from cemeteries aren’t common in Yarmouth, Gallant said. Statues are often stolen to be sold, he noted, and police will monitor websites where they might resurface.

Yarmouth Police can be reached with any leads at 846-3333.