Re: “Another View: The left uses climate alarms to beat up the right” (March 22, Page D2):

I have a request: Can we please stop bashing either right or left and write not sarcastic guest editorials but reasoned opinions?

When it comes to climate change, scientific studies are available to all of us over the internet. We can do our best to interpret them and share what we find. Or if we are coming from a religious point of view, we can state that case.

I am particularly offended when a writer tells his or her political opponents how they think or feel. This writer (Charles M. Todorich) goes on about how those who want to mitigate climate change would be “chagrined” if it were discovered that the warming trend is natural and will soon normalize.

Come on. There is no way one person knows how another truly thinks or feels. Say what you think. Do not assume what others think.

Victoria Adams


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